Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Beeswax is typically used as a thickening ingredient in lotions, creams, salves, etc. It typically is packaged as either yellow or white pellets or pastilles. In this article, we’ll learn about how this natural substance is beneficial for the skin and the properties it provides skincare products.

Worker honeybees create and use this wax in six-sided honeycomb cells in order to store honey before it is extracted by a beekeeper. (1)

Beeswax has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that fight chapped skin and bacterial infections. This wax forms a protective film by sealing in moisture in our skin without clogging up your pores (noncomedonic). In addition, beeswax contains vitamin A, which has the ability to reduce wrinkles and age spots while re-hydrating and reconstructing damaged skin cells. (2)

In my personal experience, I use the white pellet form of beeswax for my aromatherapeutic balm. I prefer the white pellets because they will melt faster, due to their smaller size. Melting the beeswax and then adding a carrier oil blend results in a superior product. For example, combining the Fab Four Carrier Oil Blend I referred to in a previous article with beeswax results in a thicker product that retains the moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties of the oils and incorporates the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisture barrier characteristics of the wax. A thicker product is easier to handle and apply to the skin, and is less messy overall.


Honeybees create beeswax honeycombs to store honey

Natural beeswax is comprised of fatty acids and chain alcohols, and includes oleate esters, hydroxypalmitate, palmitate, and palmitoleate. These ingredients make beeswax key for maintaining skin texture and health. The ability to keep moisture in the skin (emollient) and the high vitamin A content stimulate the production of skin cells while protecting the skin from environmental dangers. Beeswax can also help treat acne, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The antiseptic and medicinal properties clear the infection, providing lasting treatment and healing. (3)

Beeswax is a great substitute for petroleum wax (such as Vaseline) because petroleum-based products are heavy, they clog the pores of the skin and interfere with its ability to breathe. In my personal opinion, Vaseline is better suited for lubricating machinery. With beeswax, you have an all-natural substance that fights bacteria, attracts moisture (humectant), and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. Additionally, beeswax is hypoallergenic, making it beneficial for anyone suffering from eczema, dermatitis or other inflammatory skin conditions. (4)

When combined with a carrier such as apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E oil or cocoa butter, beeswax can prevent and heal stretch marks. (5)


Melting yellow beeswax pellets

Lastly, beeswax is an ingredient used to make organic candles. It offers a number of advantages over paraffin wax. Beeswax candles don’t produce toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned, and they also help neutralize pollutants in the air. (6)


Beeswax is an all-natural wax produced by honeybees to line honeycombs that store honey in beehives. Its uses range from lip balm to candles to thickening agent for lotions, creams and salves. It fights germs, soothes the skin and helps it retain moisture. Have you ever used beeswax by itself or in combination with other ingredients? Feel free to drop me a line in the comment form below. And to get a FREE copy of my ebook “Essential Oils Made Easy”, head over to and subscribe.



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