About Me

My name is Jason Antonino, and I am the owner and manager of Bold Aromatherapy. A graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (aka SWIHA), I hold a 100-hour Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy.

In the fall of 2013, I started subscribing to various pages on Facebook devoted to natural skincare products, non-toxic cleaning, and holistic health. It was through social media that I initially discovered essential oils. I remember ordering my first bottles from Plant Therapy: Peppermint and Tea Tree.

A friend of mine began talking about her experiences with Young Living essential oils, and I attended a couple in-house workshops to gain some practical experience. In early 2014, I purchased a book on creating organic skin care recipes from home and started creating my own products. I then decided to pursue a formal education, which led me to the clinical aromatherapy program at SWIHA in January 2015 and graduating four months later. I founded my business in June 2016.